Our know-how combines the selectivity of chromatography resins with the demands for modern water purification.

The basis of our absorption resins is the instrAction technology that has its origins in the selective chromatographic phases of pharmaceutical processes.

Heavy metals, bacteria and micropollutants are completely removed. The ideal combination of firmly anchored binding groups on our resins allow to selectively remove impurities, while maintaining useful components in drinking water at the same time. The novelty of instrAction absorber resins is that they are made of chemical functionalization of surfaces on a wide range of porous support material. The extraordinarily high selectivity and capacity of the instrAction resins is determined by a chemically very stable immobilization of an optimal combination which is achieved through different binding groups. In order to make this possible, at first the complete surface of the substrate is coated with a polymer homogeneously, which is then cross-linked for stabilization. The selective binding of unwanted impurities from drinking water is achieved through optimal complementary, multivalent-multimodal interaction between the individual contamination and stationary phase.

Special resins for the removal of heavy metals, bacteria and micro pollutants are available on a variety of carriers, which are adapted to individual customer requirements.

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Our principle

The novel absorber resins from instrAction are one further development of chromatographic phases.

Your advantages

InstrAction absorber resins are extremely stable and durable. With low costs and a 100% yield.