We recycle precious metals even more effectively.

instrAction MetCap® resins bind even the slightest traces of precious metals in aqueous or organic solvents and allow an economic recovery of valuable elements. A modern industrial society cannot be imagined without precious metals and rare earths.

They are used in electronic devices, catalysts or in industrial processes. Precious metals and rare earths are usually key elements for manufacturing and operation of vital components. At the same time, the security of supply of these elements is endangered and the fluctuations of world market prices render a reasonable cost calculation impossible. On the other hand, large quantities of these substances are disposed of without recycling because of a lack of effective recovery systems or for cost reasons. InstrAction resins offer a cheap way out and real economic advantage, because even in the presence of hitherto disturbing accompanying by-products the desired metals are selectively bound and the waste can be separated. The metals can be simple extracted from the resin and thus be recovered. The resins can be regenerated with simple means and can be prepared for re-usage. This is how the MetCap® resins as well as the precious metals and rare earths can be reused and a circular economy can be established.