• We make clean
    solutions even cleaner.

    With instrAction phases can be more effectively ensured that environmental burdens for new raw materials. For example, the recovery of valuable heavy metals from industrial effluents.

  • We make pure
    taste even more pure.

    InstrAction technology enables the development of highly selective phase, which impurities can be eliminated from food even more reliable. For example, the depletion of pesticides from orange juice.

  • We make the active-
    component production even more effective

    instrAction develops individual chromotographische phases for the purification of API and biotherapeutics that achieve a 10 to 20 % higher yield of the target compound . An example : the efficient recovery of blood plasma.


makes fine
to large
competitive advantages

Our multimodal phases set in terms of selectivity and productivity, stability and process variability new standards and open up new application fields.


process development

instrAction developed the process for your separation problems and optimizes them with comprehensive service to production.

Einsatzbereite Phasen

ready-to-go phases

instrAction offers over 4500 phases - in different column formats and bulk media for biochromatography.